“All in all, it stands a stellar example of what happens when good art, good stories and good technology collide. Here’s hoping that Bourgonje will offer up more.” – Kirkus (Fierce Grey Mouse App book - awarded with Kirkus star for books of remarkable merit)
The Picture Book Buzz (for Searching for Home): A gorgeous and humorously touching picture book "Searching For Home". I love Noa and his friends!
Goodreads (for Searching for Home): Such a sweet story of finding friends when you least expect to. The ending is perfect. The characters are adorable, and the art has my heart.
"Fierce Grey Mouse: "Fierce Grey Mouse is a charmer" - Sunday Telegraph
"The art for Chantal Marie Bourgonje’s Fierce Grey Mouse books and apps is just utterly gorgeous and make me smile, and a look at her illustration blog shows up some more lovely artwork from her other children’s books." - Forbidden Planet
“This book is gorgeous!”- the Bookbag 
Working with Chantal on the first Worzel book has been an education, but I’m still not convinced there isn’t magic involved as well as the skill, the professionalism, and the immense attention to detail I had not really considered before. The dictionary defines magic as ‘the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces’. I still have no idea how Chantal manages to create the images she does, and as far as I am concerned, it’s very professional, exceedingly dedicated, but utterly, wonderfully... magical."
- Catherine Pickles, author and columnist for "Dogs Monthly"
-“The pictures are so exquisitely well drawn in watercolour, it is one I will keep. Chantal Bourgonje is a clever artist!” - Dog Training Weekly - 
"[...] help Easter Bunny find all of his lost toy friends in time for tea in  a wonderfully illustrated, fun-filled trail at Wilton House this Easter" - Wiltshire Life Magazine
Praise for "The Lucky, Lucky Leaf":
"A gentle book that recreates the spirit and feel of autumn. Ideal for children aged 4 - 6" - Brenda Marshall, the English Association
“A truly heart-warming story about friendship and counting your blessings with endearing humour and classic illustrations" - The Library Girl and Book Boy
Praise for "Positive Thinking for Piglets":  "Heartwarming!" - Kid's Books We Love
"Deftly written by Catherine Pickles in an engagingly rhythmic poetry that is charmingly illustrated by Chantal Bourgonje, 'Worzel says Hello!' is unreservedly and enthusiastically recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library Picture Book collections for children" - Midwest book review.

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